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I applaud your courage to stop taking pain pills but I for one can not live with out them. I have Psoriatic Arthritis , fibromyalgia, total neuropathy of my feet, legs and hands and some in my face. Along with a list of other auto immune health issues. I can NOT take Embril, cymbalta etc etc. My conditions will never go away they are chronic for life. if I didnt take my vitamins and pain pills every day several times a day i wouldnt be able to function. I am not one of those slobbery fall asleep at the drop of a hat type of person that is addicted to pain pills for pleasure. I am highly functional on the meds that I take and I am screened every 3 months to make sure all of my organs are ok. I guesss you just have to look at life with and without and my life is way better with!!!

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