Think steroids insulin

Even though Jackie is pretty much right, I am not gong to be as kind and civil as she is. I was able to endure to read only a few paragraphs straight and skimmed the rest. What a bullshitter, starting off with some obvious and not well explained info, no new info, nothing explained, in addition to telling us all his life he went running after each fad diet he heard, established websites…he was wrong or exaggerated in his beliefs. Such a character. Why does he and should I think that NOW he is any different or posseses any wisdom. Besides he talks about climate change/global warming and all as if he has any minute understanding of any atmospheric physics and chemistry. Of course any biological or ecological system is very complex…atmospheric physics is no less complex than human phisiology and nutrition. Not only he has any wisdom in nutrition (and in atmospheric physics/chemistry) he is arrogant enough to make definitive comments about stuff he has no idea non whatsoever. What a clown.

If I BB’r really wanted to get crazy he might combine 2 injectables and maybe 2 orals (most BB’rs in that day used only one oral at a time)…and the total dosage might reach 1,500 mg weekly. However, this was not the norm and was considered excessive by most. I am sure at least a few people reading article this will call bullshit because they know of someone who used more, but like I said, there have always been guys who have pushed the dosing envelope in their generation. However, these men do not adequately represent the average BB’r of their era. They are the exception, not the rule.

Think steroids insulin

think steroids insulin


think steroids insulinthink steroids insulinthink steroids insulinthink steroids insulinthink steroids insulin