T-mobile tuesdays

and a BOGO / BOGO Plus is definitely coming right? I mean, we’ve seen the major competitor Samsung have BOGOs for S8, S8_ and now the Note 8. That’s hefty competition.
Plus I would argue that LG is late to the game with announcements / launches already from Samsung, Apple, Google (yesterday) – so it’s in a real competition for a fixed pot of cash here. I don’t expect the Pixel or Apple to BOGO, but against Samsung, unless you need something peculiar from the V30, it’s hard to justify buying it vs a BOGO Note 8 or S8+. So am guessing very shortly LG and TMo will BOGO the V30 and possibly add even more incentives to the deal to catch up.

T-Mobile’s customer service team keeps getting better. After struggling for many years to wipe away a terrible reputation, the company’s rebranding into the Uncarrier has coincided with a hefty overhaul of its customer service team and values. Questions are answered quickly, and concerns are dealt with and accelerated up the service chain with prompt attention. The company has also recently started rewarding its customers with T-Mobile Tuesdays, an appreciation program that lets users take advantage of free pizza, tacos and other extras from a bunch of retailers across the country.

Yes it is about 7/10 mile as the crows flies. T-Mobile shares a tower with at&t which is miles away. I however can see the top of it from my house whereas the closer Verizon tower is actually obscured by trees. And in either case band 12 at miles should still be as strong or stronger than band 4 at miles. My sister came for a visit and she’s was lucky to get 1-2 bars and she has t-mobile. That put me off ANY consideration to use them once I learned that supposedly band 12 deployment was finished. So I’ll wait for 600 MHz since they bought 15X15 of it here.

T-mobile tuesdays

t-mobile tuesdays


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