Tbulb weatherstripping

Easy to install, the Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit from North Shore Commercial Door (Item# SMK) is a great purchase for the homeowner. This weatherstripping door kit is available in nine feet and 18 feet and has door stops with a flexible vinyl flap. They are durable and won't break, crack or rot. Available in the following colors: white, hunter green, almond, brown, gray and sandstone, they can be painted if you choose to do so. Reduce your energy costs by installing this garage door stop weather molding weather seal. When you receive your order, you will get:

Finding new door weather stripping to match the exact profile of the old can be difficult. If you know the door manufacturer or where the door was purchased, try there first. (Check the door and frame for a label.) Otherwise, call a local door or window repair service. (Look under “Doors, Repair” or “Windows, Repair” in your Yellow Pages or online.) It may stock the materials or tell you where to call. Replacement kits for the wrapped foam and magnetic (for steel doors) types are sometimes available at hardware stores and home centers.

Decorative Glass Options: Window Type Available Vinyl Frame Color Options Available Glass Designs Available Caming Options Available Wrought Iron Designs Extras Awning & Casement 3 3 2 1   Architectural Shapes 4 3 2 --   Fixed Picture 4 4 2 2 Also available in 4 Etched Glass Designs Hurricane Impact 4 1 1 -- Glass is 1" OAT Insulated Unit, Annealed Laminated Exterior, Tempered Interior

Tbulb weatherstripping

t bulb weatherstripping


t bulb weatherstrippingt bulb weatherstrippingt bulb weatherstrippingt bulb weatherstrippingt bulb weatherstripping