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First off - Superbright has been great at replacing defective bulbs, but out of ~20 five either blinked like Xmas bulbs or burnt out in their first day of use. They were promptly replaced and tested before receiving. But two of those didn't make it past ~4 hours of use. Those replacements are now in the mail.
That said - I like the look of these bulbs and if you have a lot a fixture, put off plenty of light. I have the 40 watt equivalents too on a smaller fixture (no problems with those burning out) and they also look great.

Apart from being affordable, the Philips bulb can get especially dim: At the lowest setting our light meter read it at 14 lux, and then 13 lux after five minutes. That put the Philips among the dimmest 60-watt equivalents we tested, only slightly brighter than the Cree, and certainly low enough light to render book text illegible. At a distance of 6 feet, the Philips measured 5 lux at the dimmest setting, holding constant after five minutes. Reflected off the wall at 6 feet, it registered 4 lux at the lowest, again holding steady after five minutes.

Tbulb led

t bulb led


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