Tbolt exhaust clamp

Along with selecting style and material, you can also decide how your exhaust tip is attached. For a clean, smooth look many prefer a welded tip, because no clamp or attachment is visible. But if you don’t have the equipment to weld or don’t want the permanence of a welded attachment, consider a tip that is clamped on or held on with a set screw. Some clamps are integral with the tip and still other tips are “clampless”. Clampless tips are secured simply with a nut and bolt. Tips that don’t require welding can be installed right out of the box, so you can be enjoying your car or truck’s new look right away, plus with this type of attachment you can easily change exhaust tips in the future if you find a style or finish you like better.

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Tbolt exhaust clamp

t bolt exhaust clamp


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