T-bol 2.0 review

I'm having trouble determining what my problem is. I blasted 500mg/wk for 20 weeks really no issues. Now I'm cruising on ~175 mg/wk on my 6th week. For the past couple of weeks I have been waking up and going to bed with this "pressure" like feeling in my head that goes away about an hour after waking. I assumed it was high blood pressure from the bronkaid and dropped it, same problem. Then I assumed it was from somehow having high estrogen on a cruise so I dosed aromasin ED, same result. As of yesterday I'm taking asin ED to see if there's a change but I am still worried about this. I am ordering a blood pressure monitor this week to try and confirm the high Bp ,any input would be great.

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T-bol 2.0 review

t-bol 2.0 review