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The Baby Ruth bar is infamously featured in a scene in the 1980 movie Caddyshack that takes place at a pool party. Two teenage girls are sitting at poolside and one girl offers to share the tasty confection with her friend, when a third teen — a boy — asks for a piece of the candy and the girls refuse his request. The boy then tries to take the candy bar from the first girl, thereby accidentally knocking it into the pool, much to the young ladies' annoyance. Thinking someone had defecated in the pool due to the candy's perceived resemblance to human feces , all the partygoers make a mad scramble out of the pool. When Carl Spackler ( Bill Murray ) is cleaning out the pool afterward and recognizes the offending item as a Baby Ruth bar ("It's no big deal!"), he takes a bite out of it, much to the disgust of the country club's owners (played by Ted Knight and Lois Kibbee ), who still believe it to be feces.

Tball zephyrhills

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