T-ball sign ups

Here is a cute paleo-kids story concerned with fruit roll ups! My 4 year old daughter was on her first t-ball team this last summer, and we got placed into a rather interesting group families. Anyways, each family would take turns bringing snack for the team each practice, and one day a parent brought fruit roll ups. My children have NEVER had them. These particular ones were colorful and had little pictures stamped all over them. So my daughter began to play with it! She had NO idea what it was…. one of the snotty moms told her she shouldn’t play with her food, and my daughter looked at me quite confused, held the fruit roll up between the tips of her fingers (much like a dirty, stinky sock) and said “Mom, is this FOOD?” ha ha ha the look on the other mom’s face was absolutely priceless. Why do people think we are so weird for feeding our children fruits and vegetables instead of high fructose corn syrup??? Why are WE the WEIRD ones? So proud of my big girl! (And she didn’t eat it, she gave it to another kid)

The association will be needing coaches for each age group. If your child is not a student at Elgin Public Schools or lives in the Elgin School District you will need a waiver to be released to play for Elgin at sign-ups. The association will be able to accept cash, checks, or credit cards. Please make checks payable to Elgin T-Ball and the Coach Pitch Association. Birth certificates will be required at sign-ups, no exceptions. Flyers will be going out in Monday Folders on January 22, 2018. For any additional questions contact the Elgin T-Ball and Coach Pitch Association on Facebook.

T-ball sign ups

t-ball sign ups


t-ball sign upst-ball sign upst-ball sign upst-ball sign upst-ball sign ups