Proviron test

Hey guys for my next cycle I'm planning on running Test+Deca+Proviron. Question is, I've done some reading that Deca can cause some bad erectile dysfunction. I've gotten this problem in the middle of my cycle which I'm almost finished with (Testosterone only), but that was because I wasn't taking my AI like I should of and luckily I got that problem fixed fast. What drugs do I need to counter act Deca's side effects? I've read that you need Cabergoline to fight off the prolacten that you can produce on Deca? If so, when, how often, and at what dosages should I take Cab? Any weird or unwanted side effects from taking Cabergoline? Is the Deca bloat exaggerated? Aromasin @ E3D is really keeping my test bloat down which I'm running at 700mgs a week.

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Proviron test

proviron test


proviron testproviron testproviron testproviron testproviron test