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Testosterone, an essential precursor of estrogen in women, is made in the ovaries and adrenal glands. There is a steady decline in testosterone levels from the 20s through menopause. With surgical menopause, the level of testosterone drops precipitously. No clear lower limit of testosterone has been established; however 15 ng per dL ( nmol per L) commonly is used. One study 38 found that women with 0 to 10 ng per dL (0 to nmol per L) had markedly decreased sexual desire in all situations and absent or markedly decreased orgasms. Because of studies like this, supplemented with anecdotal evidence, many women have been started on testosterone therapy.

The bipolar symptoms in men vary for the two stages – namely mania and depression. In the manic feeling or highs a person might feel over confident and full of energy, over-exuberant and irritable over issues of difference with others. At such times, people going through mania stage tend to talk rapidly and loudly, with no response to the social cues in a conversation, eat and sleep less, perform a lot of activities at the same time , leave them half finished, and indulge in reckless activities like reckless driving, going often on a spending spree etc. On the other hand, when the depression stage sets in, the same person might find his or her spirits diminished, energy sapped, and might indulge in over eating and excessive sleeping. People going through depressed stage tend to turn into social recluses, withdraw from friends and interactions with others, experience bodily pains and even suicidal tendencies in extreme cases.

Dear Dr Miller, myself and my wife we were trying to have baby since last 3 yrs but no success. Last month i went to doctor and had my FSH,LH,T and SA tests done. FSH – uIU/ml, LH – uIU/ml, T – ng/ml. Sperm count was M/ml. Doctor told me that LH and T are normal where as FSH is high. He suggested me to take clomid 25mg daily to increase my sperm production . After 1 month , i had done my SA tests again . i expected sperm count to increase but instead i found out that my sperm count has actually decreased to M/ml. Pls help me doctor

Proviron mood

proviron mood


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