Provident metals

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1. The actual metals are held by your custodian. We recommend IDS of Delaware or Texas.
2. This depends on your IRA provider. If you haven’t chosen a provider yet, we recommend either New Direction or Preferred Trust. New Direction’s fees after the first year are based on the value of your IRA. If your IRA has less than $100,000, your yearly admin fee will be $75. If it’s over $100k, your yearly admin will be $125. Preferred Trusts fees are $200 regardless of the amount in your IRA. Links to both fee schedules are found below.
3. We do not take a commission when you buy metals other than our normal everyday prices. So whether you are buying bullion that you hold onto at your home or bank with after tax money or buy bullion that you hold at your custodian using pre-tax money, the prices will be the same.
4. You can open either IRA account and use it to purchase bullion with those funds.

Hindustan Zinc Limited, ECPF Trust is an exempted trust constituted under section 17 of Employees Provident Fund and Family Pension Act, 1952. It was formed in the year 1966. It is a separate entity owned by the trust formed by the employees of the Hindustan Zinc limited. It is managed by the Board of Trustees. Consisting of equal number of representative of the employer and employee.

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Provident metals

provident metals


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