Prop mast proviron

I like to do test at 750 and the then run my mast/Tren at 400 to 600 a week. I'm a very experienced user so I like to go higher then most. Iv been doing gear for 15+ years. Its not advised but I would run test,mast,Eq 12 weeks then go to a test primo,and might stay on Eq since it takes a long time to raise blood levels to start working. Its NOT advised to do it this way so I'm just giving my experience. I add other compounds as well but won't get into it to deep. I would run the test,mast,Tren or npp. Add some proviron if wanted. Mast is a light anti e as I really liked this compound as it gives granet like gains. 

everyone is different though and you should always use your own best judgement, knowing how you respond to these compounds is probably the best piece of knowledge to help you.. with that being said it's a learning process and I've heard of people using a 1:1 ratio of test:durabolin and adding proviron and winstrol to the stack and claiming they didn't have any ED issues or gyno.. the dosages and timing of during cycle I don't remember. point is, use your best judgement bro and take all the precautions you can so that if something doesn't go according to plan you are able to deal with it and adjust as necessary.

Prop mast proviron

prop mast proviron


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