Primo numero 100

The actors and actresses in "Human Capital" fully capture the peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses of the characters. The most sympathetic was Carla Bernaschi, who we see, at first, living an empty life of daily shopping sprees. Her portrayal by Bruni is both subtle and effective. We see her chauffeured in Brianza to an old theater about to be torn down. She stops and tours the structure and then volunteers to save it. From money in Giovanni's hedge fund, she purchases the building and sets up a non-profit organization to begin restoration. Her new board of directors are writers, professors and local politicians who come across as snobs with little care to save the old theater. The restoration effort only comes undone after Giovanni's hedge fund starts losing money and they are forced to liquidate assets.

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Primo numero 100

primo numero 100


primo numero 100primo numero 100primo numero 100primo numero 100primo numero 100