Primo deca winny cycle

This was my first time trying the Para Pharma oils. I was using 600mgs of Eq per week & used it for 16 weeks. The first thing I noticed was the above average vascularity with this brand. The hardness quickly followed & then it started to really shine with the increase in strength. This Eq is definitely among the best I’ve had & I plan to use it again.
The DP Test E was on point & correctly doses in my opinion. I used at 500mgs per week & all the typical sides were present. I had switched from another test e & my libido went up significantly & I had to adjust my ai after 2 weeks which was another reason I felt it was on point. I felt over all better while cycling this test e & my strength was also increasing as expected. I will also use the DP test in the future as well as other DP oils.

The Test E put my blood level at 900 ng/dL cruising at 150 mg/wk (multiplier 6).
The Test P gave me a blood level of >1900 ng/dL at 300 mg/wk when run alongside Tren, a similar response.
The Tren A gave an E2 reading (ECLIA, non-sensitive) of >600 pg/mL.
HCG had no observable effect on my testicular volume (atrophy was not noticeable anyway) nor ejaculation volume (which was diminished while on cycle). I did not test my sperm count.
I have not yet PCT'd using the Nolvadex and/or Clomid.
The Arimidex seemed effective to me, though less so than Aromasin I have used since (cannot compare to other sources' Arimidex). I kept my E2 at the high end of the reference range (40 pg/mL) by taking 1 mg/wk total (divided up, of course) while taking 300mg/wk Test P.

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Primo deca winny cycle

primo deca winny cycle


primo deca winny cycleprimo deca winny cycleprimo deca winny cycleprimo deca winny cycleprimo deca winny cycle