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In 2010 there was some chatter on the listservs about a (smaller & cheaper) set of low-noise mics from Telinga , as well as a similar system from Mike Rooke at . (Store now closed.) It seems as though another Primo capsule is at the heart of these new mics (based on the  low noise mic spreadsheet (xls file) maintained by Rob Danielson ). It’s the EM172 ( pdf datasheet ) and it has a FET already built-in, so it behaves just like the trusty old Panasonic WM-61a (except not noisy!) Mike has a fantastic blog featuring extensive mic-building experiments with sound clips, explanations, and measurements.

Primo 100 results

primo 100 results


primo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 results