Mastoiditis symptoms

Homeopathic medicines help to treat the acute infection as well as the chronic and recurring infections. If the acute infection is very severe, homeopathy may not help fast enough. However, chronic and recurring Mastoiditis finds excellent treatment using homeopathy. Medicines are chosen based on some symptoms, extent of pathology and investigational findings. Some of the commonly indicated medicines are Mercurious solubus, Mercurious-iodum flavum and rubrum, Asafetida, Kali iodum, Pulsatilla nigra, Tuberculinum, etc. Homeopathy is strongly recommended in all chronic cases of Mastoiditis.

Lipoflavonoid is a complex combination of different nutrients.  It contains B-complex vitamins, including thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamine and niacinamide.  Vitamin C is also included in the Lipoflavonoid capsule.  However, the main ingredient in Lipoflavonoid that is thought to be responsible for the treatment of tinnitus and Meniere’s disease is lemon bioflavonoid complex.  Among the components of lemon bioflavonoid complex, it appears that eriodictyol glycoside is the active ingredient and may play a major role in treating tinnitus.

I’ve been having an on-and-off discharge from both ears (though never both at the same time) for months. The discharge doesn’t have much of an odor, though recently it smells vaguely like mint (I’m not joking!). It’s slightly yellow in color, or at least that what the Q-Tips look like if I swab out my ear. There has never been any pain involved, though I have had the sensation of a leak- where I could swab out my ear, grab my outer ear and move it around some, and feel liquid draining into my ear canal. I went to a sick call earlier this year and mentioned it to my doctor at the time, but he did not notice anything out of the ordinary in my ear. The only annoying effects are the sensation of having liquid in my ear and of the occasional itching. I plan on mentioning it again the next time I see my doctor, but was wondering if this is something that I should be concerned about for any serious health issues or long term consequences. Thanks!

Mastoiditis symptoms

mastoiditis symptoms


mastoiditis symptomsmastoiditis symptomsmastoiditis symptomsmastoiditis symptomsmastoiditis symptoms