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Andria Allen / Wright-Kingdom Real Estate (2018)
High Desert Hoof Care 2017)
Colorado Horse Rescue (2018)
Heather Finn, DVM (2017)
Nanner Fisher/ Orvilla West Farm (2018)
Deborah Inanna Krenza/ Gates of Inanna (2018)
Mounting Miracles Ranch (2017)
Equity Real Estate (2017)
Chiara Poscente Horse and Rider Training (2017)
Hatha Equus (2018)
Happiness Through Horses (2017)
HorseWise (2017)
Three Leaf Farm (2018)
Starlight Farm (2018)
Michael Ryan/ Flatiron Springs, LLC (2018)
Maxine Doner/ Mind Mending with LENS (2018)
Richard Habighorse, DC,CVCP (2018)
Elizabeth Riecks/ Heart and Soul (2018)

from a week ago in which I felt scammed from no response from Quad
I wanted to give some credit where it is due. I was unaware of the board posts of QUAD being sick therefore it is VERY understandable why I had no communication with him. Sometimes life gets in the way and unfortunately I let impatience get the best of me. QUAD has been very informative and helpful--we have been pming and I can say the communication has been the best ive received from ANY source. Product coming very soon and I couldnt be more satisfied. Im sure the results will speak for themselves so I can say I have found my source for life. Please trust QUAD with your needs!

Day 1-7: - Clomiphene citrate is used as 50 mg twice daily for full 7 days.
Day 8-37: - Tamoxifene citrate at 20mg per day for full 30 days. - Exemestane at 20mg per day for full 30 days.  HCG 5000 comes in one unit vial, multi-dosed, at 5000IU. The vial is accompanied by 2ml sterile water for mixing. This is what should be done. Draw up the 2ml ampule provided with the HCG and mix it into the powdered bottle. The HCG is now used from day 8 onwards as drawn into insulin needle once per day. It is then used one day on, one day off.

Masteron prop half life

masteron prop half life


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