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Please note carefully any clarification of what each center specializes in. For example, some centers only treat patients with biopsy confirmed mastocytosis, some centers only treat aggressive or malignant disease, some treat only adults or children, and many also treat mast cell activation syndrome / mast cell activation disorders (MCAS / MCAD). All centers listed can do the entire workup including evaluation, physical exam, mediator testing, and bone marrow biopsy with flow cytometry and appropriate stains for c-kit D816V mutation, tryptase, and expression of CD2 and CD25  antigen markers. Please be very clear when making your appointment to ask what you can expect to occur during your visit.

When ordering your new sails from Rolly Tasker, at the same time you should consider your mast and rigging requirements. We are a leading company in this field: offering the complete package of sails, mast and rigging, deck hardware and all sailing accessories. This unique service is designed to give you complete peace of mind: a one stop shop to cover your complete project and because we are able to supply all the components which make this up, error in ordering the wrong items is reduced to a minimum and your rig and sails will fit perfectly together.

Mast partners

mast partners


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