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Recent reports have indicated that studies, and the response to these studies, throughout the world has zero standardisation. The lack of standardisation makes it difficult for educational administrators to determine whether or not they will allow mobile technologies into their schools and how they will allow these products to be used. Western research reports have traditionally, over the past ten years, indicated that there is no conclusive link between mast radiation and mobile radiation, and yet countries throughout Europe are taking significant measures to ensure the safety of children and adults These individuals has gone so far as to write policies, turn down major benefactors son. Still today, Switzerland has the best policies, and the strictest, for what is allowed into schools when the safety and well-being of the children should always come first. It is also an issue that local government councils need to address, and start doing something about. Today’s youngsters are tomorrow’s leaders! How can they lead without a clean bill of health?

With the online alcohol class you receive the exact same permit as the in-person course; if you are 21 or over and a bartender or server, a Class 12 mixologist Permit is issued for bar tending, owning, managing, serving, mixing, cock tailing, bar tending, etc. If you are at least 18, but under 21, the Class 13 Servers Permit is issued. It is required for all minors who handle or serve alcohol to the public as part of their position as a bar back or server in the restaurant and bar industry in Washington State. We are thrilled to offer you an online alcohol servers card class for your alcohol server permits.

The head office of MAST is in Selfoss, about 50 km east of the capital city of Reykjavík. The Authority has 6 District Offices around Iceland where District Veterinarians and Official Veterinarians render services in accordance with the relevant legislation. At the District Office in the capital area, MAST is responsible, in addition to veterinary and food services, inter alia, for services to individuals and businesses engaged in import and export. MAST is also responsible for the operation of several Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) for control of import of foods from third countries (non EEA States) and for the supervision of 10 independent municipal Environmental and Public Health Offices which are responsible for food safety controls at the retail level.

Mast education

mast education


mast educationmast educationmast educationmast educationmast education