Haldol shots

I know I was very surprised when I started working in hospice to learn that things that are an inconvenience to us (the President visiting the area or major protests, both of which can shut down major roads and highways for a period of time) can be a huge deal to patients who are at home.  Hospice nurses have to figure out alternate routes (which can take much longer) or simply not visit at all in these cases.  And it doesn’t only apply to hospice – home health patients can also require daily dressing changes, IV medications, and have equipment malfunction (wound vacs, anyone??).

"This is the only medication I have ever been given in my ENTIRE life that has made me literally want to rip out my IV and run out of the ER. I was given this in the ER to curb the side effects of my lumbar puncture. I have anxiety and RLS so in the beginning I thought I was just experiencing a minor panic attack. I felt so restless that I had to go to the bathroom just to do something with myself. When I got back to the bed I immediately told my gf that I wanted to leave. Was pushing the call light. And damn near left screaming. I flipped my shot on the doctor and he said this was a common side effect. I told him I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack and he gave me Benadryl and some kind of benzo. Absolutely horrid."

A surgical alternative to ileostomy is the ileal pouch-anal anastomosis, or ileoanal anastomosis. This procedure, used more frequently than permanent ileostomy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, is similar to a continent ileostomy in that an ileal pouch is formed. The pouch, however, is not attached to a stoma but to the anal canal. This procedure allows the patient to retain fecal continence. An ileoanal anastomosis usually requires the placement of a temporary ileostomy for two to three months to give the connected tissues time to heal.

Haldol shots

haldol shots


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