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Others In addition, machine operators often use user interface devices, typically touchscreen units, which serve as the operator control panel. The operator can switch from program to program, make adjustments within a program and also operate a host of peripheral devices that may be integrated within the same robotic system. These include end effectors , feeders that supply components to the robot, conveyor belts , emergency stop controls, machine vision systems, safety interlock systems, bar code printers and an almost infinite array of other industrial devices which are accessed and controlled via the operator control panel.

And yet Granz was still short on material. Even with the sixteen minute instrumental, Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald , he was a partial album shy, so he turned to an Oscar Peterson-Ben Webster quintet to back up Ella on five more tunes. In short, The Duke Ellington Songbook turned out to be a compilation of recordings made over thirteen months with a variety of personnel pulled together at the last moment. And yet it works. The small group recordings give Ella a melodic freedom and rhythmic flexibility she never had in the earlier songbooks, and she makes splendid use of both. The Duke Ellington Songbook , like the Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hart projects, not only garnered enthusiastic reviews but sold spectacularly, which, given the hefty $ price tag, was remarkable.

George devol

george devol


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