Dyno ball

The new Dyno-Thane Spark has a little something for bowlers of all ages and skill levels, a great performing bowling ball for a good price with a variety of color options to choose from. Dynothane made two different colors for the Spark, Red/Smoke and the tri-color Fire Blaze. Both are sure to catch a lot of attention on the rack when you are ready to spark it up.

The new Accelerant Hybrid cover allows the ball to store energy for where you want it most, downlane! The Accelerant Hybrid cover allows the ball to clear the fronts and still have enough traction in the mid lane for a strong motion through the pins.

The Igniter symmetric core shape allows the ball to be very versatile with different drillings for a variety of styles.

a. Initial cost. Generally grinding media that exhibit the best wear properties are more expensive than other options. Also the smaller the grinding media the more expensive it can become.
b. Grinding bead life. As grinding beads wear they need to be replaced. The longer a grinding bead lasts the cheaper it may be in the long run because of the costs associated with downtime, new beads, disposal and labor.
c. Mill wear. Low cost, hard grinding beads may lead to expensive equipment repairs.
d. Quality of product. Grinding media with less debris (under-sized or misshapen pieces) will tend to have a longer service life than cheaper material that might contain these artifacts.

The groundbreaking aspect of the new L79 was the hydraulic cam. With its oil-filled, multipiece lifters (aka tappets), the L79 didn’t require the frequent valve lash adjustment of its more potent big brothers. But the L79 was no cheap imitation. Aside from the “juice” cam, it was a mechanical copy of the Corvette’s L76 and shared the same forged :1 pistons, 585-cfm 4150 series Holley four-barrel, aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, enlarged 6-quart oil pan, high-flow air cleaner unit, and new-for-1963 big-port “camel hump” cylinder heads with / (intake/exhaust) valve heads.

Dyno ball

dyno ball


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