Diana boyle gourds

Here are a few shots for reference and complete recipe down below. Also v. good with the addition of a few frozen strawberries.
To avoid imbibing too many nasties, start with an organic lemon that’s been well-scrubbed.
Start by quartering the lemon. The pith of the lemon—the thick white stuff—is notoriously bitter. Use a sharp knife to cut off a bit of the pith from the ends of your lemon slices so that it doesn’t overwhelm your concoction.
The first time I made this, I used way too many ice cubes and ended up with something closer to a granita. Still delicious, but not quite lemonade. Four cubes seems like the best number for me. Fill up the blender with approximately 2 cups of water and a few tablespoons of sugar (I personally think this needs at least 3 tablespoons to be palatable, but I might just have an impossible sweet tooth.)
Blend for a full minute. Not twenty seconds. Sixty. If you don’t blend for long enough the result can be a little gritty.
Garnish with fresh mint, a lemon wheel, a strawberry, or positively nothing at all. Serve immediately.

Blender Lemonade

And so another beautiful weekend show ticked off my list. Fruitlands is so beautiful and while this is a relatively small show, the work is exquisite and I feel ... honored to be among such fine art. The best part however is the sense of community that I encounter at each of these unique places that I am privileged to belong to. The friends I haven't seen in a year, the support we offer each other, at moments of stress or joy. The hugs, and laughter the catching ups and keep in touches, the real concern shown and shared among a uniquely talented group of people, artists, characters, genuine, skilled and imaginative individuals who come together to create a warm and welcoming day or two. At this show the local Lions provide the food and drink that keep us sustained and I love this group of cheerful, helpful people, who ply us with fresh cider donuts and hot coffee on a chill morning. Smiles on their faces, helpful, generous and kind. It's the best of worlds, great people, commerce, interesting conversations, fullfilment in what you may have struggled to accomplish..new friends, old friends, familiar faces, and while we all ask ourselves as we break down and are more then a bit weary "why do we do this ?" We will all be back next year to share our community and friendships for at least one more time.

Diana boyle gourds

diana boyle gourds