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Bulimar was named to the team for the 2016 Olympic Test Event , Romania's last chance to qualify as a full team to the 2016 Olympics along with Cătălina Ponor , Anamaria Ocolișan , Laura Jurca , Silvia Zarzu , and Dora Vulcan . [52] However, Jurca had to withdraw due an ankle injury and was replaced by Andreea Iridon , who also withdrew and was replaced by Maria Holbura . [53] Romania competed in the first subdivision, and they finished seventh out of the eight teams. [54] Bulimar only scored an on the uneven bars because of a fall, and Romania had to count her score towards their total. [55] Bulimar's all-around total was . [56] In a press conference after the competition, Adrian Stoica, the president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, announced that the one individual spot Romania had at the Olympics would go to either Iordache or Ponor, leaving Bulimar out of contention. [57]

Quote: idiotsauce : She's probably op but you are surprised that a sustained dps mage cannot trade combos with a burst assassin? Those 2k games didn't teach you much.

It wasn't that she out-bursted me, it was that despite the items and the fact I exhausted her combo, she still won the trade. Also, with my ultimate on I'm sitting in a pile of minions, right next to her(more healing returned from champions), for a period of time outside of the initial combo but while my damage boost from Torment is on her.

Also, it's a pretty snotty thing to say that 2k games didn't teach me much, when I am asking about a brand new champion match-up. Your name is definitely appropriate.

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Diana bolanca

diana bolanca


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