Diana ball muscle

      The last two in this class both hail from the host city and will be competing in front of the home folks.    Rose Kasallis who is a mom to six kids won the overall at last years Las Angeles Excalibur show.    Gina Spengler is a veteran competitor who has competed in 17 shows since her stage debut in 1983.    Spengler has won the overall in seven of them, the most recent being the NPC Las Vegas in ’05.   Gina last competed here in ’03 has taken the time off to redefine herself and prove she can still hang with the best of them like she did in the 90’s when she needed to rent a U-Haul to carry all of her trophies around.

yeah man, I was watching this on tv and just had to laugh… these guys and women are using gear… totally misleading to show those bodies as being a result of 90 days of exercise and diet… people these days have no shame… I take pride in being natty and certainly there are genetic anomalies out there, but these folks are 100% fraudulent, I guarantee it…. Jesse is spot on about the product in his review, I don’t have to try it to say so because I train way harder than that, and I’ve been doing it in terms of YEARS, not just 3 months… Jesse is a nice guy for not raking these predators over the coals….

Diana ball muscle

diana ball muscle


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