Dbol blue hearts

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The side effects associated with dianabol use will always magnify as the dosage is increased. The safest steroids you can take will be the injectables because they do not have to travel the same route through the organs and indigestive system like tablets do. When you think oral, think safety. Eat food when you take your tablets, drink plenty of water and dont be tempted to take more than what has been recommended for you. If you follow all the advice on keeping safe using dianabol then it will never be any more harmful to you than taking a regular dosage of paracetamol.

Dianabol is no more dangerous to the user than paracetamol. It is the abuse of dianabol that is dangerous just as is the abuse of any toxic compound. If used correctly Dianabol can be safe to take.
What constitutes abuse? I’d have to say abuse is using Dianabol for lengthy periods of time at high dosages.
I have personally ran dbol for many weeks at high dosages and as i told someone the other day, after 15 years of what i would call steroid abuse, my blood work is completely normal but that wont be the case for everyone. We are all different and whilst my body may be forgiving, yours may not be.
It is wise to get blood work done before you use dbol. It’s a simple enough procedure. Ask your doctor to check your liver, the tests will come back about a week later and if your liver values are within the normal range then your good to go!
Whilst you are running Dianabol, YES your liver values will rise but not significantly so providing you use the dbol safely your liver values will return to normal once the product has seized.
If it is your first time using Dianabol, then you really wont need to use any more than 30mg of dbol per day providing the dbol you are using is good. If it’s the thai dbol or the blue hearts its going to be hit and miss, underdosed pills, counterfeit etc are all obstacles you need to avoid. Much better to find yourself a good ugl and get some ugl dbol and know exactly what you are taking. Don’t stay on the dbol for any longer than 6 weeks and whilst you are using the dbol it would be helpful to obtain some milk thistle so that you can protect your liver at the same time.
Finally, it is satisfying when you see a customer getting the results that they have been striving for, let me share a recent story.
“Sir, i wanted to say thankyou for the newsletter and the information that i found therein. The UGL Dianabol that i am using is just about the best godamn dbol i have ever taken. I have put more muscle on than any other cycle i’ve completed leaving me to wonder if i had ever taken ‘real’ steroids before. My bench went up 30kg in 3 weeks, after 4 weeks i had to buy a new shirt for work, 1 collar up….”
It goes on but it is something i take pleasure in, reading reviews from guys that have probably never done any REAL dbol in their life!
Stay safe dbol lovers!

Dbol blue hearts

dbol blue hearts


dbol blue heartsdbol blue heartsdbol blue heartsdbol blue heartsdbol blue hearts