Dbal laser

The DBAL-A3 provides the same overall functionality as its predecessor. Enhancements include dual remote cable ports that allow a Steiner Tactical Light to be plugged directly into the unit. by plugging the supplied Y-cable into both the light and the visible override port on the back of the laser housing. Pressing the Y-cable pressure pad will simultaneously activate the tactical and the visible laser. The second pressure pad, plugged into the standard port, will activate the infrared laser functions. This unique feature allows for immediate transition from low light to daylight operations by simply choosing which pressure pad to activate.

Specifically designed for the civilian market, the aiming lasers are controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials that greatly simplify bore-sighting and adjustment manipulations. Infrared “mode” offers an eye safe laser pointer with an effective range at night of 200 meters, while the green laser has an effective range of 400 meters. Both aiming lasers can be operated individually or in combination. Activation is controlled with either the included remote cable pressure pad or built–in single tap button located on top of the housing body.  

Dbal laser

dbal laser


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